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Photo by Jukan Tateisi on Unsplash

In business and life, whether it is your dream start-up company, a successful ongoing enterprise or day-to-day life, we are all faced with challenges and disappointments. How can we stop ourselves from turning those disappointments — which threaten to derail all our hard-earned efforts — into seemingly full blown disasters? How do we stop ourselves from turning a challenge into a crisis?

Andrew Fuller, author of The A to Z of Feelings and Your Best Life at Any Age, outlines some practical advice on getting past a disappointment and not turning it in a crisis for individuals and teams.

What most people do when faced with a crisis is … nothing. They become so overwhelmed by the event they freeze up. Alternatively, they try to pre-occupy themselves with mundane things so as not to face the reality of the situation.

A crisis is often equated with a life-threatening event when your coping skills are overwhelmed and your body switches to combat mode…

Photo: Sean Doyle whilst travelling in Varanasi, India

As the pandemic cripples the Subcontinent, the Australian author of a recent India-based travel memoir laments the plight of his ‘existential home’. Written for you by our author Sean Doyle — Night Train to Varanasi

Former sisters of Empire, Australia and India share a lot. There’s the hackneyed ‘Commonwealth, cricket and curry’; there’s also the English language, the legal and the political system. And until Covid struck, Indians constituted the largest cohort migrating to our shores. That’s a lot of points of connection, our gutted tertiary sector and underdeveloped trade ties notwithstanding.

It’s nice to celebrate these bonds with our…

During these COVID times, everyone seems to be either shrinking away in fear of one another or avoiding the issue by pretending everything is hunky dory.

I’m not sure we are clear anymore about where the news stories end and our anxiety attacks begin. Either way, the barrage of tough news is showing in the wear and tear on people.

Conditions under which you get PTSD

Something nasty happens that overwhelms you.

You can’t predict it.

You can’t control it.

You can’t avoid it.

You can’t turn to anyone else to support or protect you.

You feel it’s going to…

Do prisoners really get lobster in jail at Christmas?

5 years out of prison we ask Wil Patterson, one of our authors here at Bad Apple Press, about his best loved Christmas prison rumours.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

I’ve heard so many rumours about all the ‘special treatment’ prisoners get while inside. This Christmas I will have been released from jail for five years, and it still makes me chuckle when I hear some of the things top-notch journalists in Australia decide to dredge up about the prison conditions.

Myth #1: Prisoner’s get the internet

Wrong. This story hinged on the fact that Port…

’Tis the season to get jolly? Well, er, maybe.

For some it is the season to get back at people. Tricky people thrive at Christmas. Especially at office work parties where they lurk with sinister intent. They slump across dining rooms or barbeques breathing fumes of alcohol and fruitcake and cigarette smoke, eyes fixated on the area beneath the mistletoe waiting for the kissable moment. Or any moment, really, that they can take advantage of.

This assorted pack of drongos, total bozos and dropkicks that we are able to mostly avoid for the rest of the year swoop in to…

photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

Does the 7 year cycle really exist?

Have you heard of the old saying the seven-year itch? It is a description that applies to the supposed tendency for people to stray from their committed relationship around about the seven-year mark. Apparently it is based on statistics of the average length of marriage before divorce (in the US anyhow). …

Sonya Danaher

Sonya is the co-founder of Bad Apple Press Publishing, along with Sam Miles we are actively keeping independent publishing alive…

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